Safety Tips For New Ammonia & Refrigeration Workers

If you are new to the ammonia and refrigeration industry, then you are probably just becoming acclimated to your new work environment. One thing that you need to remember as you learn your new job responsibilities is that you need to follow your company’s rules, specifically regarding safety, carefully, because working in this industry can be very dangerous. Here are some tips to ensure you remain safe at all times:

Use your protective equipment

Companies provide personal protective equipment (PPE) for a reason–to keep you safe. This means that you need to wear your full gear each and every time, no matter what. In the beginning, wearing the proper PPE might feel strange and uncomfortable, but the more you wear it, the more you will become accustomed to it, and soon it won’t feel so uncomfortable. Typical PPE for workers in this industry consists of:

.   Goggles – to protect eyes from possible splashes and irritation from fumes.

.   Impervious suits/gloves – since ammonia can seep through regular fabrics, this special clothing is required. You want to be sure that none of your skin is exposed when working with this hazardous chemical, and if necessary, you should tuck in any clothing. The company that you work for should provide your protective clothing, if not, then you should opt for cotton because it is the sturdiest of all man-made materials.

.   Respirator – breathing in the toxic vapors produced by the ammonia can be lethal, so some type of gas mask is an absolute necessity.

Don’t take short cuts 

You might be tempted to perform a specific task your own way instead of following guidelines, in order to save time. You could unknowingly eliminate an important step that could place you and others in unnecessary danger. For instance, you might encounter equipment that is faulty, but instead of placing a tag on it to inform others that it is faulty, you might simply set it aside and someone else could attempt to use it and incur injury.

Practice first aid protocol

Your company will undoubtedly teach you and all other employees the correct first aid treatment should you or a co-worker become injured by ammonia. However, if you practice, or at least study the first aid protocol, then you are more likely to remain calm in the event of an emergency, so you can administer the care properly.

You might be excited about landing your new job in the ammonia & refrigeration industry, but you must remember that you need to practice strict safety precautions at all times. Ammonia is very corrosive and flammable, and it will cause serious injury or even death if not handled properly.  

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